A job at RapidCommerce

At RapidCommerce we're continuously looking for new talent. We differentiate ourselves from the competition with a high level of technological expertise and focus. You'll find no slick salesmen, communication guru's or semi-IT guys in our office. "It just works", just doesn't cut it here. Functional requirements are one thing, but at Rapid we also get into performance, scalability and security. We control and maintain everything ourselves, ranging from our webservices to our coffee machine! Our organisation is a flat one. We are all entrepreneurs and we listen to and respect each other as equals. It's OK to shout out sometimes. Only the dog has a boss at RapidCommerce. We're looking for people who have something to add, people who dare to think.

Internship: Continuous integration

Using a proof of concept you'll show us how we can speed up our development process and deliver even higher quality software. You will inventorize testing frameworks being used by our teams and introduce new technology that combined with for example a build server will lead to a higher frequency in the release cycle and a reduction in time spent on regression tests. Read more (Dutch).

Vacancy: PHP DevOps specialist

You know like no other what our PHP applications needs in terms of infrastructure. You also know how maintain applications that you yourself developed as part of the team. Projects responsible for bilions of turnover and up to thousands order per our will not keep you awake at night. Linux, Nginx, Apache, Varnish, Redis, Kibana, Nagios, MySQL and Puppet are your tools of the trade. Read more (Dutch).

Internship: Magento 2.0 migration

At the end of 2015 we're expecting our first production releases based on Magento 2.0. Being a future technology evangelist you will start working on the future of our Magento 1.x software portfolio and you will advise us on where to invest, which opportunities to look out for and which assets to label as legacy. You will also be developing a strategy to migrate existing customer projects from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.0. Read more (Dutch).

Vacancy: PHP lead (backend) developer

Modelling software on the fly is a habit you have in every conversation with a business annalist. You have tons of experience with Magento and Symfony is no stranger to you. PHP is a great platform, but to you it's not sacred, and working in Mono/C# or Python is something you see yourself doing in the near future. You'll be working with an international team as the single point of contact for the domain lead and project managers in one or multiple projects. Read more (Dutch).

Internship: Next-gen CRM and PIM

Our customers keep growing bigger and the requirements in our projects grow with them. That is why we are constantly looking for interesting Open Source projects that cover these requirements. You are a visionary that will judge projects on their potential and you will tell us what projects to further investigate and in which technologies to invest to stay competitive. Read more (Dutch).