Magento extensions

Magento extensions

We believe in the power of Open Source software in businesses. Open Source means giving and taking. That is why we regularly release Magento extensions we've developed in projects to the community as Open Source code on GitHub. We provide free support on these projects via our Facebook page on best effort. We invite everybody to contribute to these projects and to adhere to these principles.
To get the best out of Magento in enterprise environments we've developed a large library of extensions. We've developed extensions that make it possible to use Magento as an Agent facing system, with users, roles, and advanced permissions as an example. We support features like auditing, logging, commissioning and impersonation. To increase security we've added features like an extended password policy, access white-listing and LDAP support, to support for example SOX compliance.
To better utilize Magento in the service sector we've extended it's catalogue capabilities, to have it support monthly / annual fees and extensive promotion capabilities on those fees. Rule based product compatibility, product packaging with advanced business ruling and the possibility to map Magento products to several backends providing services making up those products.


Rule based access control (network based whitelisting/blacklisting)

LDAP integration with extensive password policy features

Audit trailing, log centralisation en advanced monitoring

Middleware integration with BizTalk, TIBCO (supporting among others AMQP and REST protocols)

Integration with Microsoft(/Navision) Dynamics

Sandboxing and content replication, publication and versioning


Monthly annual fee support, service contract support

Product and customer lifecycle management, up- en down- grade active services

Rule based product combinations, compatibility and bundling

Agent facing interfaces for channels like telesales and backoffice/support

Catalogue mapper to support connecting Magento products to multiple backends

Real-time product configurators, to support for example textile print or custom packaging

Open Source

AJAX infinite scroll

Browser upgrade notice

Always show shipping costs

Magento store pickup



We understand like no other that after a project goes live, it needs proper monitoring. It's important to measure an e-commerce systems performance continuously and to report on the right KPI's, and we know this involves more than just check if the system is up. MageMonitor is a platform that actively monitors your Magento webshop 24/7 and reports on operation and performance or all vital components.
MageMonitor analyses data generated by customers, as well as data gathered from periodically executed test cases. This way we can report about customer experience and detect and alarm about downtime or defects. An user-friendly dashboard provides insights in the current state of the system and historical trends. Using the mobile application you will be notified about problems in your sales frontend 24/7.


Magento's flexibility and extendibility have their toll on performance and scalability. In large projects this usually this amounts to a large investment in infrastructure or hosting. It's also a well know fact, proven by the E-Commerce giants of this world, that the performance of your webshop in terms of speed has a large influence on it's conversion rate.
We developed a unique Full Page Caching (FPC) and performance module for all Magento editions. Our partners HostingXS offers this module as part of their high end performance hosting package. The package includes a CDN, advanced control panel and several Service Level Agreements (SLAs). MageBoost is the first solution to offer a single point of contact for Magento performance, and covers both infrastructure/hosting as the software itself, while keeping your own implementation partner of choice.