Magento store pickup

More and more retailers extend their business into the wonderful realm of eCommerce to offer their goods online. Buying online has been on the rise for a few years now. However there are still a lot of customers that want to explore online, and buy offline, so sometimes it’s all about clicks and bricks.

Magento, by default, does not provides us with the means to allow the customer to shop for a product online, but specifying he or she want to buy the product offline. This free Magento extension will allow the customer to “pick up the product” at your store or offline service location. It will also allow the customer to pay for the product offline.

The solution, “ship” to store, pay offline
This free extension provides you with a simple “shipping” method using a flat-rate (or all free) charging method similar to Magentos’ flat-rate method. On top of that, it will provide a simple payment method that is only available when the customer indicates he or she wants to pick up the order at your store. The payment method can also be used in combination with other shipping methods. After the checkout process orders and invoices created with these methods will specify that the customer wants to pick up the product and that he or she will pay offline.

Magento store pickup

Store pickup during checkout

Installing the extension is easy;
1. Download the zip (DUH!).
2. Extract it’s contents to the root of your Magento installation. You can use FTP to do that. It’s the directory containing index.php [App] [Skin] [Media] among others.
3. Log in to your Magento backend.
4. Go to “System -> Cache Management”, select all options, and in the action dropdown select “Refresh”. Then click the [Submit] button.
5. Log out/in to your backend.
6. Go to “System -> Configuration -> Shipping methods” and expand the “Payment on pickup” section. Change the method name, price and title to something that suits your need and set “Enabled” to “Yes”.
7. Click the [Save Config] button.
8. Go to “System -> Configuration -> Payment methods” and expand the “Pay on pickup” section. Change the title to something that suits your needs. Then drop down the “Pickup method” dropdown and select “[payonpickup] The title you chose in step 6.” (be aware that this drop down is scrollable and may contain a lot of options). You can also use this to make this payment method available for other shipping methods.
9. Click the [Save Config] button.
10. All done!

Gimme! Gimme!
You can download this free extension here. You can check out the demo here.

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